I, Brian have had an interest in sound and music, even as a child. I purchased my first guitar at the age of 15. With some lessons, I managed to learn to play it. My parents would tell you that I seldom was found without a radio, or even hooked up to headphones.

In my teenage years, I began playing guitar in my Catholic Church on a monthly basis. This work continued for 8 years.

Also, in my  young teen years, I played bass for a country rock band, which never amounted to much.

Shortly thereafter, I played bass for a rock and roll band and played about 200 gigs in Wisconsin and Northern Michigan.

In the mid 80’s, I left the rock and roll band, and with my wife Charlotte’s help, moved onto providing a mobile D.J. show in central Wisconsin. This D.J. gig was cutting edge at the time, and we went on to providing music at 550 gigs in 5 years.

After this time, our church affiliation changed, and we sold our D.J. show. After a period of time, I was asked to commit to volunteer sound engineer position in our new church. It was a non-denominational church in Marshfield, WI and this church had a large contemporary worship band, did youth conferences, radio and TV ministry. It was during these years, I learned much about the live setting, and doing things with excellence. This commitment carried on for over 12 years.

It was during these same years, and at the same church that I was also asked to another volunteer position serving as the special effects director of a large halloween event called “The Nightmare”. This commitment carried on over a period of 11 years, and we had attendance of over 109,000 people. I served in this capacity every performance, every year.

As times and people change, one more time we changed church affiliation.

My family and I answered what we believe was a call of God to join some others in launching an Assembly of God church in our hometown. For the last nine years, we have been instrumental in launching and leading a contemporary worship team. We have trained a youth worship team, and invested half of our team into a church plant which required us to rebuild our team.  We also have provided the design and installation of our technical gear.  I presently serve as a volunteer worship leader.

As a result of serving, we have had the opportunity to help others. Our children have also taken music, sound and technology seriously. Two of our sons have played music on four national music tours, and our oldest son designs and builds the presentation computers that are used in our installs.

In February of 2012, I have been trained by Contacta, Inc to design and install hearing loops that meet the international standard (IEC) and am actively promoting the spread of this technology in the United States. In January 2014, my wife Charlotte also was trained to design and install hearing loops by Contacta, Inc. We love doing this as a husband/wife team! We are proud promoters of helping those with hearing loss and have solutions for the large venues as well as in home solutions. We are among leaders in the nation at seeing hearing loops become a regular part of American’s lives. If you know someone who suffers hearing loss, please provide them our contact information.

Over the past 9 years, our business has grown to full time. We have worked for churches, schools, funeral homes, libraries, and businesses. Our customers have been from all over Wisconsin, and we have completed projects in Michigan, Minnesota, and New Mexico. Most of our projects have been priced far below competitor’s bids. We are also the choice of many for gear purchases. This can often be accomplished by phone and email.

It is our desire to help churches become excellent in music and technology, allowing worshipers the best opportunity to connect with God. How may we serve you?